AS2660 - Emergency Handset

The AS2660 Emergency Handset Unit provides a means of connecting to two independent radio sets from a single handset.

The unit is equipped with an integral handset fitted to a cradle with hook switch to activate the unit in cases of emergency.

Each channel has a key to select Rx & Tx and lamps to show its operational status as well as PTT and AC (Aircraft Call/Squelch).

All connections to radios are via standard RJ45s and colour coding is as per a standard Cat5 cable. Unit is powered from a standard in-line 24Vdc PSU. During on-hook the unit is completely isolated from the radio within-line relays. When the unit is activated with off-hook it enables the line relays and defaults to Ch1 Rx&Tx and Ch2 Rx only (resets to this on power on/off). This status can be changed and when deactivated then reactivated it will carry its previous state.

User audio levels can be adjusted to suit from front panel of unit.

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