AS1750 - XN120 PABX 14x Extensions / 4x Trunks / 2x 4W E&M

The AS1750 PABX supplied by Keltel Comms Ltd is based on an NEC XN120 with the addition of a custom circuit to provide E&M signalling to any 4W E&M network, a 48Vdc PSU to allow connection to a local battery supply and an MDF for connection of all telephone instruments and trunk lines.

As standard the system is provided with 2x analogue PSTN trunks, 1x E&M trunk and 15x extensions capable of digital feature phone or 2W POTSconnections. The MDF on the system is wired in such a way as the first 5x ports can be feature or POTS phones whereas the next 10x can only be connected to 2W POTS.

The system can be expanded further by the addition of internal cards. These can be expanded in blocks of 3×8 (3x trunks, 8x extensions). The E&M trunks can also be expanded but to a maximum of two per system internally or 6x externally.

NOTE – an E&M trunk requires a PSTN trunk and 2W extension to operate the E&M port.

The XN120 system can be programmed in two ways, via a Vision feature phone on the system or through the IP connection to the system. An application program is supplied which can be run on a PC/laptop and allows connection to the IP port via a Cat5 crossover cable (see cable config in technical document).

The system is premounted on a back board ready to fix to a wall but can be supplied with RJ connectors and no back board.

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