AS50 - ROLI/RILO to DC5A (E&M)

The Signalling Converter AS50 is a Single Extended Eurocard Plug in module providing conversion of one DC5 (E&M) voice circuit to ROLI CRA loop calling port (or simple telephone), or RILO, 2W extension port of a CRA.

The unit can be used in various modes to provide either Long Line Ext or Ringdown facilities over a DC5 link(Mux,Satellite, etc) or over physical pairs.
Ring generation for the attached equipment is supplied on board.

DC5 Audio configuration is user selectable for 2W or 4W by a jumper link.
DC5 Signalling configuration can be altered with user links.

Power is supplied via a shelf based PSU or plug top PSU depending on enclosure type.

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