AS Number Description Download
AS0010 AS44 - AC15A to DC5 (E&M) AS0010
AS0020 AS50 - ROLI/RILO to DC5A (E&M) AS0020
AS0021 AS50 with mod'd loop circuit
AS0022 FXS Single Line Ext (AS50LXV)
AS0023 AS50LXV - Line Extender AS0023
AS0024 AS50 - MAGNETO (GEN/GEN) to DC5A (E&M) AS0024
AS0030 3U 19" shelf capable of holding up to 10x signaling units. The shelf has an integral fuse alarm and power indicator unit. A separate slot is also provided for installation of a mains power supply.
AS0040 AS0040 - ASS12 3U 19” Shelf AS0040
AS0050 Wall Box Enclosure moulded from fire retardant ABS. Size : 320 x 160 x 45mm
AS0060 In-line PSU, 240Vac input to 48Vdc. Capable of powering upto 2x AS44s or 1x AS50. An 'E' version is also available with universal supply input (80-265Vac).
AS0070 In-line PSU, 240Vac input to 48Vdc. Capable of powering upto 2x AS44s or 1x AS50. An 'E' version is also available with universal supply input (80-265Vac).
AS0080 Power unit for the ASS10/12 with universal supply input (80-265Vac). Unit is a single extended Eurocard for slotting directly into the shelf. Unit is available in 65 & 125W power levels and configured for S10 or S12.
AS0081 24V 40W Linear
AS0082 60W 12S
AS0083 125W 10S
AS0084 130W 12S
AS0085 130W 12S
AS0086 ASP04 125W 12S with Cover
AS0090 A product marketed for many years by both Keltek & BT (61B). Converts between DC5 2W and a simple telephone.
AS0100 D2D
AS0110 Pulse to DTMF dialing over a DC5 or E&M connection
AS0120 4W/2W Terminating Unit
AS0130 DC5/DC10
AS0140 PCU44 MkII - AC15A to DC5 (E&M) AS0140
AS0150 AS0150 - DDA V2 Digigrabber AS0150
AS0160 AS0160 - DDA PC Digigrabber AS0160
AS0180 Tra Block Bell Unit (Rail Track
AS0190 Ringtone Generator
AS0200 HSTEL1M - Telephone Handset AS0200
AS0201 HSTEL 1M without clip
AS0220 AS0220 - UNILINK AS0220
AS0221 Mains Version Board
AS0222 24V Version
AS0223 1U - Unilink Hotline Unit AS0223
AS0224 24V Version in KCL Box
AS0225 12V Version Battery Operated with Remote
AS0240 Communications system for use in HV and hostile environments
AS0250 FIBTEL (Remote)
AS0251 Tele to Fibre I/F
AS0260 AS0260 - Dual Channel ROLI AS0260
AS0270 AS0270 - Single Channel ROLI AS0270
AS0280 A unit capable of providing a tie line facility from a trunk and extension port on a standard PABX.
AS0290 Vehicle Intercom providing a method a selectable open audio channel between the driver and passenger of a vehicle
AS0300 Police Intercom
AS0320 Headset I/F to Tunstall
AS0350 AS0350 - PABX to Radio Interface AS0350
AS0351 AS0351 - PABX to Radio Interface
AS0360 Hotline 6
AS0370 Hotline 4 AS0370
AS0470 EMTEST - E&M (DC5) to ROLI (Tele) Tester AS0470
AS0510 Provides a method of monitoring integrity of mains (or auxiliary dc source) at a remote location and forwarding alarm or clear messages to a users handset directly or via a server.
AS0511 DC System Alarm
AS0512 3 Input Alarm Unit
AS0513 System Alarm Unit
AS0530 AS0530 - PSTN Dialler Unit AS0530
AS0531 PSTN Dialler ISS B
AS0532 Standalone Dialler - 2x Temp I/P's
AS0740 Envoy E&M Card
AS0750 Envoy Quad FXS Card
AS0760 Envoy FXO Card
AS0770 Envoy X21 Composite Card
AS0780 Envoy E1 Composite Card
AS0790 Envoy Dual X21 Card
AS0800 Envoy Dual Multi Data Card
AS0810 AS0810 - Envoy Multiplexer AS0810
AS1050 AS44 MKIII STD AC15 --> E&M
AS1051 AS44 MKIII with Radio I/F & PTT
AS1081 ROLI/RILO/D2D to 4W E&M (New Version)
AS1180 5 Channel ROLI to E&M I/F
AS1420 PCU44 MkIII - AC15A to DC5 (E&M) AS1420
AS1450 NEC D2D I/F
AS1600 AS1600 - Fibre to Audio Interface AS1600
AS1640 EMTEST - E&M (DC5) to ROLI (Tele) Tester AS1640
AS1650 AS1650 - FibTel SM to ROLI/RILO AS1650
AS1651 AS1651/1671 - FibTel Fibre (MM / SM) to ROLI / RILO AS1651
AS1652 Fibre (SM Laser) to ROLI/RILO I/F
AS1653 Fibre (SM Laser) to ROLI/RILO I/F 48V
AS1654 Fibre (SM Laser) to ROLI/RILO 24V with AGC
AS1660 Fibre (MM) to 4W E&M I/F
AS1661 Fibre (MM) to 2W E&M I/F
AS1670 Fibre (MM) to ROLI/RILO I/F
AS1671 Fibre (MM) to ROLI/RILO 48V DC
AS1690 AS1690 - AS44 MkIV AC15A to DC5 (E&M) AS1690
AS1750 AS1750 - XN120 PABX 14x Extensions / 4x Trunks / 2x 4W E&M AS1750
AS1800 AS1800 - ROLI/RILO to AC15 Converter AS1800
AS1801 AS1801 - ROLI/RILO to AC15 Converter (-50V I/P) AS1801
AS1850 Mains Power Failure Alarm Unit
AS1870 Bluetooth Host
AS1880 Bluetooth Remote
AS1910 SVCCS CIF Card Issue A
AS1911 SVCCS CIF Card Issue A
AS1912 SVCCS CIF Card Issue C
AS1920 SVCCS RT Card Issue A
AS1921 SVCCS RT Card Issue B
AS1922 SVCCS RT Card Issue C
AS2330 Omnibus Host Shelf
AS2331 Omnibus 10 Shelf
AS2360 Vehicle Intercom Headset I/F
AS2370 CVRT Intercom Base Unit
AS2380 CVRT Intercom Cable Sets
AS2390 BTR Vehicle Intercom Base Unit
AS2410 AS2410 - Portable Incident Recorder AS2410
AS2412 PVR1000 Touch Screen Version
AS2420 Vehicle Intercom SPKR Module
AS2440 AS2440 - Cable Intercom AS2440
AS2460 Allflex Bluetooth Weigher - Anilog 3050 I/F
AS2470 AS2470 - Fibre to ROLI / RILO Rack mount Card AS2470
AS2471 AS2471 - Fibre to ROLI / RILO Rack mount Card AS2471
AS2472 AS2472 - SM Fibre to 4W E&M Rack mount Card AS2472
AS2473 Fibre (SM Laser) to 4W E&M - 24V
AS2474 AS2474 - Fibre to RS232 Rack mount Card AS2474
AS2475 AS2475 - SM Fibre to ROLI / RILO Rack mount Card AS2475
AS2476 AS2476 - MM Fibre to RS232 Rack mount Card AS2476
AS2477 AS2477 - MM Fibre to 4W E&M Rack mount Card AS2477
AS2478 AS2478 - MM Fibre to ROLI / RILO Rack mount Card AS2478
AS2479 Fibre (SM Laser) to ROLI/RILO 24V with AGC
AS2490 AS0040 - ASS12 3U 19” Shelf AS2490
AS2491 AS2491 - ASS10FD - 10 Slot Dual PSU Fibre Shelf AS2491
AS2492 RVD Shelf Variant of AS2491 for Rockwell Collins
AS2510 DIN Rail Fibtel Unit
AS2511 Din Rail Fibtel Unit (New Version)
AS2512 Din Rail Fibtel Unit RS232 Version
AS2530 SVCCS Console DTMF Keypad
AS2540 SVCCS Console Audio Hub
AS2541 SVCCS Console Audio Hub with Low R Values
AS2542 Audio Hub Single PTT in centre
AS2550 SVCCS Console Loudspeaker Unit
AS2560 Dual Channel Fibtel
AS2561 Dual Channel Fibtel (New Version)
AS2570 Dual Channel Fibtel Shelf
AS2580 Dual Channel Fibtel Telecom Card
AS2590 8 CH SVCCS Backplane
AS2600 BTR Intercom
AS2610 Asper TX
AS2620 BTR Remote Head
AS2630 Vehicle Intercom Helmet
AS2640 Dual PSU 12 Slot Shelf
AS2650 PVR1000 Airwaves I/F
AS2651 MOV DM3400 ARW I/F
AS2650 Spain Radio I/F
AS2653 Garda Radio I/F
AS2654 Italy Radio I/F
AS2660 AS2660 - Emergency Handset AS2660
AS2661 Version for IAA
AS2670 Battery Backed 48V PSU
AS2680 GSM Alarm
AS2682 Mains Fail Version
AS2683 GSM Alarm with RX Module & Web Access
AS2684 CO2 Unit
AS2690 ACR & VCR Switch Panels
AS2700 2U Dual 48V PSU
AS2701 2W Dual 24V PSV
AS2710 Hotline 6 Unit - Crash Alarm
AS2720 Single CH Svccs
AS2730 Red Hotline Handset (for AS2710)
AS2750 Asper AS200RX Receiver
AS2760 Telephone Alert Beacon
AS2761 AS2761 Telephone Alert Beacon AS2761
AS2762 Tele Alert Strobe
AS2763 Tele Alert Klaxon and Strobe
AS2764 AS2764 - Telephone Line Alert Unit AS2764
AS2765 Tele Alert with LED Indicators
AS2766 Tele Alert - Delayed Off Tune
AS2770 Herga Foot / Palm Switch Assembly
AS2771 RS Footswitch AS2771 (Gray)
AS2772 RS Footswitch AS2772 (Black)
AS2773 RS Footswitch AS2773 (I/F to RJ12)
AS2780 Rockwell Collins Switch Board
AS2790 Rockwell Collins Remote Unit
AS2800 Resilience Remote Radio (Radio End)
AS2810 Resilience Remote Radio (Remote End)
AS2820 Bus / Taxi Intercom
AS2850 AS2850 & AS2860 Hotline System AS2850
AS2852 Hotline 32 Console
AS2853 Hotline 48CH 24V Console
AS2854 Hotline 8CH 24V Console
AS2860 Hotline 8 CCU AS2860
AS2861 Hotline 8 CCU Host with Conference
AS2862 Hotline 8 CCU Host with Conference and Line Detect
AS2870 Rockwell Collins ACU
AS2871 AS2871 - Audio Console Unit (ACU) AS2871
AS2880 Rockwell Collins RSS
AS2881 AS2881 - Radio Site Switch RSS AS2881
AS2890 Hotphone to Fibre Unit
AS2891 Hotphone to Fibre V2
AS2892 Hotphone to Fibre V3
AS2893 Hotphone to Fibre TX Option
AS2910 AS2910 - Fibre Repeater Unit AS2910
AS2911 AS2911 - Fibre Repeater Unit AS2911
AS2940 Hotline 6 with Announce (Crash Alarm)
AS2950 AS2950 - 4W E&M Line Switching Unit AS2950
AS2960 AS2960 - ASS10D - 10 Slot Dual PSU Shelf AS2960
AS2970 AS2970 - EOW Handset Interface Unit AS2970
AS2980 X21 to RS232
AS2990 AS2990 - MM Fibre to RS232 DIN Rail Unit AS2990
AS3000 AS3000 - MM Fibre to Ethernet DIN Rail AS3000
AS3010 X21 to Fibre (MM) Converter
AS3060 Tag Reader Buffer & Time Stamp Unit
AS3061 End Cap Version
AS3090 Tagmaster Portable Data Coll & Power Unit
AS3092 Tagmaster Portable Data Coll & Power Unit with LCD
AS3110 MOD 007 Remote Unit
AS3120 MOD 007 Host
AS3130 AC15 to RILO & 2W E&M (Victoria Line)
AS3140 Dual PSU Shelf 12 Slot for 3130's 24V
AS3141 Dual 24V 12 Slot Shelf CAT5's
AS3142 Dual 48V 12 Slot Shelf CAT5's
AS3170 AS3170 - Hotline 10 AS3170
AS3180 IEOW I/F Unit (Park Air)
AS3190 AS3120 ATC RAD I/F
AS3191 AS3120 Tetra RAD I/F
AS3192 AS3120 Harris RAD I/F
AS3193 AS3120 Bowman RAD I/F
AS3194 AS3120 ARC159 RAD I/F
AS3200 E&M to AC15
AS3210 RTU Host Unit C&W
AS3211 AS3211 - Remote Telephony Unit (RTU) AS3211
AS3212 Selective Ring Unit (DTMF)
AS3213 D2D
AS3214 ROLI/RILO to E&M / AC15 with Pulsestatus
AS3215 ROLI/RILO to E&M / AC15 with Supervistory Tones
AS3216 ROLI/RILO to E&M / AC15 with Auto Dial
AS3230 BBRACK Unit for RTU 48HR C&W
AS3240 BBRACK Unit for RTU 48HR C&W
AS3270 4W E&M to RILO (Ag2120)
AS3300 GSM Tester (Based on 2681)
AS3310 Trutest to Serial Adaptor (Tagmaster)
AS3340 Tagmaster Pace Control Box
AS3341 Race Control and Switches Fast Race Read OK
AS3342 Race CTRL R5232 MOD
AS3343 Race Control Box Storage Unit PCB
AS3360 S&SE Isolation PCB
AS3370 QINETIQ Stand Alone BB Unit
AS3380 QINETIQ Stand Alone BB Unit
AS3390 Canbus Logger with DL
AS3400 POI Box for PVR1000
AS3401 GSM P10
AS3410 Line Ext (Mitel PABX)
AS3430 AS3430 - FibTel SM to ROLI AS3430
AS3431 AS3431 - FibTel MM to ROLI AS3431
AS3433 AS3433 - FibTel SM to ROLI AS3433
AS3440 Radio I/F with Speaker and Headset I/F
AS3450 S&SE Filter Unit
AS3460 Radio to PBX with Mic/Speaker I/F
AS3480 SVCCS Shelf 6U
AS3500 Tagmaster Lot Superaton
AS3520 4Wto 2W Snooper
AS3530 SVCCS Handset Dynamic
AS3531 SVCCS Handset Electret
AS3540 Asper RAD BRD
AS3541 Asper RAD BRD 100x
AS3550 Park Air Alarm Call/Announce Panel
AS3610 Asper CO2
AS3611 Humidity Version
AS3620 Satpionis I/F PVR1000
AS3650 Scotmas Vavvis Controller
AS3660 Tagmaster EID RDR UMT
AS3680 Asper AS300
AS3690 SVCCS Plenum Panel
AS3700 SML Base
AS3710 MSP Wired Sensor Unit
AS3711 Wired Sensor and Probe Supression
AS3720 MSP Radio Sensor Unit
AS3720 MSP Radio Sensor Unit with Probes
AS3730 Field Phone PVR1000
AS3740 Field Phone Interface
AS3750 Rupuastit Radio UMRS
AS3780 Nato 2 Channel Console
AS3790 Cell Survey App
AS3800 Monitors dc, ac or dry contacts at a remote location and forwards the alarm or reset messages to the required personnel via SMS/Text messages
AS3810 SM2 Radio RX
AS3811 Radio RX for Test AS3930
AS3820 GSM Printer
AS3830 Radio to GSM (Rugged Enc)
AS3840 Portable Radio Repeater
AS3850 PVR1000 Racal Field Phone Interface
AS3880 Satellite Dish Assembly
AS3890 SAT I/F UMT MM Modem/Router
AS3891 SAT I/F with Barix
AS3892 SAT I/F with Cisco
AS3893 SAT I/F with SARK
AS3894 SAT I/F with SARK and 2 BE SW's
AS3895 SAT I/F fitted in Pelicase
AS3920 900MHz GSM Repeater
AS3940 EVCS Cradle with Integrated Hook SW
AS3950 Console Power Distribution Box
AS3960 PVR VOX Unit
AS3970 RTU Rack Mount 1U Shelf
AS3990 Omnibus Record PCB
AS4000 GSM Camera Switch
AS4010 SVCCS Plenum Panel 3U
AS4011 SVCCS Plenum Panel P3
AS4012 SVCCS Plenum Panel Desk Mount
AS4030 Hotline 6 Record Module
AS4040 E&M to Pager Interface (Gaitronics)
AS4050 Portable Radio GSM Dialler
AS4060 40-60V I/P to 2x 24V O/P Din Rail PSU
AS4070 SIP Gateway
AS4080 Omnicrash AC15 Line Interface UMT
AS4090 Greenvale AP Irregation Control
AS4100 EOW Unit with Line Detect
AS4101 EOW Unit with Line Detect and Dual PSU
AS4110 12V - 5V PSU
AS4120 SAT Modem Wall Mount
AS4121 2x POE Version
AS4122 Cisco Version
AS4130 Omnicrash Remote Unit
AS4140 Radio Repeater Cabin
AS4150 1U - Unilink Hotline Unit AS4150
AS4160 EON Combiner Card
AS4170 EON Handset
AS4180 Remote WiFi Unit
AS4190 Asper Tablet Unit
AS4200 Portable 4G unit with WIFI