AS3211 - Remote Telephony Unit (RTU)

The AS3211 RTU provides a method of connecting two extensions from a central comms system (Admin and Control extensions) and communicates over a single AC15 or DC5 (E&M) link to a remote site.

The remote site is equipped with a klaxon and telephone. Either or both devices can be rung with Admin or Control cadence to signify the call type to the user. To allow the unit to pickup calls on the Admin port during a Control call the unit issues a pickup code to the telephone system.

The unit has all required circuitry on board for both Local and Remote ends of the scheme allowing selection of operation by link or switch. In addition to this the unit also has links for level adjustment to and from line and also for the line signalling type employed. The unit can also be programmed for pickup code via RS232 or from a remote telephone device.

Power is supplied via a central battery at the host/central location and via an in-line PSU or battery backed supply at the remote location.

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