AS2960 - ASS10D - 10 Slot Dual PSU Shelf

The AS2960 ASS10D Shelf is of standard 3U 19” construction ready for fitment to a 19” cabinet.

It can house up to ten single extended eurocard PCBs with a backplane configured for access to line, equipment and EOW ports on each set of card connections.

The backplane is equipped with two panel mounted IEC connectors for external 240Vac connection. Unit also has a two pin pluggable screw terminal connections for power take off from the unit or to allow external power to be fed to the shelf. Each converter slot is equipped RJ45s for line and equipment connections and RJ12 for EOW Interface.

The unit is also fitted with an earth stud for Protective Earth and one for Chassis Earth. These can be linked if required and provide a method of connecting back to a clean mains earth point.

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