AS2850 & AS2860 Hotline System

The system created by the AS2850/2860 combination is capable of being expanded from a basic 8 channel system to 32 channels in a modular method by adding additional modules with interconnection cables.

Each 4W E&M port of the host unit can be connected to an external converter to either fibreĀ (Multimode or Singlemode), AC15 or ROLI/RILO all via standard Keltel Signalling Converters. Conections to the Keltel shelf unit are configured as to
allow a standard cat5 cable to be used to connect the HL module directly to the signalling unit.

Call conditions for any port are shown by a flashing red lamp for incoming, flashing green lamp for outgoing and solid green for call established.

In addition to the standard calling function the console can be enabled for ALL CALLS, by pressing this it will create a call to all ports that have the ALL CALLS switches set in the AS2860 base unit.

The system has an option to restrict multiple calls to ensure an announcements cannot be made to the wrong party but if the ALL CALLS facility is enabledĀ this feature must be disabled.

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