AS1690 - AS44 MkIV AC15A to DC5 (E&M)

The AS44 provides conversion between two signalling methods, AC15A and Dc5 (or E&M).

The conversion can be in either direction allowing AC15A from a PABX to be converted to E&M onto a multiplexer or Dc5 from a PABX to an AC15A line by a service provider.

The DC5 or E&M port can be configured in 2W or 4W audio with signalling connections preset to Type V mode but can be factory altered.

Connections to the PCB must be made via the selected enclosure, typically ASB01/ASS10/ASS12 which will also supply power to the unit.

Power is supplied via a shelf based PSU or plug top PSU depending on enclosure type.

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