AS1651/1671 - FibTel Fibre (MM / SM) to ROLI / RILO

The Fibre to Audio Interface Unit provides conversion between Singlemode or Multi-mode to copper signalling.

The local copper connection can be 2W or 4W audio, 2W/4W with E&M, or ROLI/RILO (FXS/FXO). All these are available by fitting alternative adaptor cards within the unit.

The ROLI/RILO signalling adaptor can provide both signal variants on the one PCB but is preset to the required version at the install stage. The units can be connected as shown below to provide a long line extension or hotline facility between two handsets in a lift to ring configuration. Local signal connections are presented on an RJ45, fibre is via ST connectors and DC power via the in-line supply is on a centre positive dc connector. Future options include input for low speed data over speech (evacuation and status signalling) and Eurocard version for rack mount.

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