PCU44 MkIII - AC15A to DC5 (E&M)

The PCU44 MkIII provides conversion between two signalling methods, AC15A and DC5 (or E&M). The conversion can be in either direction allowing AC15A from a PABX to be converted to E&M onto a multiplexer or DC5 from a PABX to an AC15A line by a service provider.

The DC5 or E&M port is configured as 4W audio with signalling connections in Type V mode (can be altered for other variants).

Connections are presented on an RJ45 socket and a patch lead is provided with the unit. The unit can be strapped internally to provide connections on the RJ45 in a standard Cat 5 format if required.

The AC15A port is presented on an RJ11 connector with Tx and Rx provided on a cable supplied with the unit.

Power is supplied via an external in-line PSU with a standard DC plug for connection to the unit.

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