Provides a method of monitoring integrity of mains (or auxiliary dc source) at a remote location and forwarding alarm or clear messages to a users handset directly or via a server.

The Mains Fail Alarm is a self contained unit with integral battery backup. It continually monitors the incoming mains voltage (110 to 240Vac) and when detected goes into active mode.

The unit will delay for a preset period to cover for short power drops then will send a message to a preprogrammed number or to a central server informing the recipient of the location of the failure.

Call out numbers can be changed remotely by sending the unit the appropriate text with the required security PIN number and also can be programmed to report to up to four numbers.

Since this system uses a GSM platform it can be positioned in any area where a signal coverage is available on any of the main networks. This provides flexibility in that few areas exist with no coverage.

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