AS0350 - PABX to Radio Interface

The AS0350 can interface to a simplex radio set from a trunk port of any standard telephone system. As standard the unit links to a single radio set but could be modified to link to numerous radios with a selective front end, ie press 1 for first radio, 2 for second etc.

The unit has two in-built interfaces for external PTT footswitches, these switches are equipped with lamps showing CALL & PTT status.

The radio can also be keyed from the PABX using standard DTMF tones from the handset with a ‘*’ enabling the PTT and ‘#’ releasing.

A full accessory kit is available for the system with adaptors to allow connection of footswitches over Cat5, expander units for up to 6x footswitches and wall mount display units to show system status to users.

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