Communications system for use in HV and hostile environments

In addition to the basic telephony functions it provides auxiliary alarms host to remote and vice versa. The FibTel system was specifically designed for providing secure communications over fibre into a high voltage service tunnel.

The remote telephones are a self contained unit housed in sealed enclosure and with battery backup for power failure.

In addition to the basic telephony operation the system can provide the tunnel or HV area personnel with evacuation and system status information. Exit arrows can be plugged into the unit in addition to dual tone sirens for exit alarms and general ringing notification.

Since the system connects to standard extension ports on a PABX it allows tunnel staff to make calls direct to PSTN for service calls and general working safety hence not having to rely solely on the two way radios.

This equipment is currently in use in a service tunnel under the river Severn by NGC.

Single mode & Multimode versions are available to order.

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