The FOSM system is a method of providing an extension telephone, radio interface and engineering telephone over a secure fibre optic link.

All communications between the two ends are provided over fibre with an operational distance of up to 4Km over multi-mode cable. By utilising fibre the system provided call security and electrical safety between sites.

Construction – The system is housed in a standard 3U 19” shelf for fitting into a 19” cabinet. The unit is enclosed for safety and EMC purposes.

Configuration – unit is switchable for Shelter or Equipment room working with a 25way selector connector.

Radio Interface – provides an extended 600R connection and a volt free contact for PTT.

Telephone Interface – Standard 2W telephone connection can be extended over the fibre connection.

Engineering Telephone – a connection is provided for connecting a local test phone at each end. By pressing ‘#’ the opposite end telephone will ring.

Fibre Link – unit can be supplied in multi or single mode with front or rear connections. System continually monitors fibres and flags up line failure.

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