4W/2W Terminating Unit

The 4W/2W Terminating Unit is designed to provide conversion from a 2W presented connection to a 4W termination for connection to associated equipment (all ports 600ohm).

Typical application would be for converting from a PABX with a dedicated 2W DC5 facility to a MUX , etc with only a 4W presentation.

  • 600ohm presentation on all ports.
  • Receive to Transmit Loss >35dB over 300Hz to 4KHz range.
  • Insertion Loss < 5dB from 2W to 4W Tx or 4W Rx to 2W
  • NO Power required
  • Single Standalone Dimensions –
  • Size: 100 x 150 x 60 Weight: 0.25Kg

Multiple units can be housed in a 19″ shelf format for custom applications or in PCB.

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