3U 19" shelf capable of holding up to 10x signaling units. The shelf has an integral fuse alarm and power indicator unit. A separate slot is also provided for installation of a mains power supply.

This ASS10 can accommodate up to 10x PCBs/Sig Units with further slots provided for housing a standard ASP04 power unit and also the Fuse Alarm card (supplied as standard with the shelf).

The signaling units can be any combination of AS44, AS50 or other standard Keltel units and PSU can be any of the ASP04 range configured for the S10 pinout.

The unit backplane is fitted with screw terminals for dc voltage input, an aperture for ac power to be fed to the PSU and 10x krone connections each with 12 punch down terminations.

Backplane power wiring is split odd & even to ensure circuit resilience in the event of system power failure.

Mounting lugs are supplied as standard on the enclosure for fitting into any 19″ cabinet with 3U of available space.

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