AS2881 - Radio Site Switch RSS

The AS2881 Radio Site Switch provides a method of switching speech or tones from any one of five lines to any one of ten equipment ports.

In addition to the standard analogue audio ports the system can switch an X21 line to any one of two X21 equipment ports.

With all audible channelsthe Tx/Rx channels that are switched from line to equipment can be listen to through a standard headset in the front panel of the system, the lines are presented as odd channels to left ear and even channels to right ear. Where these channels need to be monitored remotely they can be switched through to another line port to allow a listener the ability to listen to both Tx and Rx on a single channel but without his audio being injected into the conversation.

All control of the system is done via an IP connection using a protocol developed to ensure integrity of switching data and with the addition of allowing the interogation of the system status and also resetting of the system operation.

The system is powered from a 240Vac source but could be fitted with a DC/DC to allow for 48V or 24Vdc sources if required.

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