AS2440 - Cable Intercom

The AS2440 Cable Intercom Unit provides an Omnibus type of communications between numerous users all connected on a common twisted pair cable.

Each unit is powered locally via an external in-line PSU (24Vdc) which can be supplied with 110 to 240Vac. If necessary it could be powered from an existing 24V source or a 24V battery supply.

Connection to line is via standard RJ45s connecting to Cat5 cable linking the units and utilising the GREEN & BLUE pairs of the cable.

Open communications from line is via the integral front panel speaker. To make & receive closed communications, this is done via the handset plugged into the units RJ12 connector. The handset used has a 5m coily cord and a noise cancelling microphone.

Front panel lamps are also provided to mimic the operation of the system.

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