AS0160 - DDA PC Digigrabber

The As0150 DDA V2 Digigrabber is a device which connects in parallel with a standard 2W BT phone and displays the on-hook/off-hook conditions and also the dialled number generated by the telephone.

The unit will automatically detect the dial type whether DTMF or pulse and display TONE
or PULSE and the digits as they are received. If the unit is connected to a telephone which is used to access network services or a PABX system the unit will also capture the Time Break Recall (TBR) and will display it as an R.

In addition to the standard features of displaying dialled information on the LCD screen the unit can also send the displayed information to a standard serial port. Software & cable can be purchased as an option form Keltel to allowed dialled information to be displayed on a standard PC and also saved to a log file. Data can then be exported to a spread sheet for analysis.

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