Pulse to DTMF dialing over a DC5 or E&M connection

The PDTMF PCB provides a means of converting between pulse and DTMF dialing on a standard 2W or 4W E&M (DC5A) circuit.

The unit is a Single Ext Eurocard Plug-in module and can be mounted in Keltel’s ASB01 or ASS10/12 for multiple circuit applications.

This unit is typically for use between an existing PABX only supporting pulse dial on its tie line ports to a router or mux only supporting DTMF dialing.

When pulse dialing is received from the PABX side it will dial the appropriate DTMF digit into the mux at the interdigit pause. In the return direction the unit will store up to 16 DTMF digits in its buffer and dial them out in pulse format as the timing allows.

All audio ports 600ohm impedance

Unit supports E&M Type V as standard but can be altered for other versions.

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