The Signalling Converter AS50/M is a Single Extended Eurocard Plug in module providing conversion of one DC5 (E&M) voice circuit to Magneto or Gen/Gen for connection to an existing circuit for further conversion to ROLI or RILO if required.

The unit is available in two variants, with automatic signalling or manual signalling. The automatic version will detect a burst of ringing and will activate its M lead for a preset length of time awaiting an answer from the DC% circuit. When this is received it will hold the M until the E is released. In idle if anactive E is received the unit will generate a 2sec burst of ring to line. This is only done when the E is initiated.

On the Manual variant the M lead follows the incoming ringing and the ring generator follows the incoming E lead. Speech path is always open.

DC5 Audio configuration is user selectable for 2W or 4W by a jumper link.
DC5 Signalling configuration can be altered with user links.

Power is supplied via a shelf based PSU or plug top PSU depending on enclosure type.

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